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Open - Shopping

There were few things Zoey hated more than the winter season. She always seemed to be running late for something or other. Not only had she failed to even start Christmas shopping, she had also completely forgotten about The Nutcracker. Recital season wasn't generally in the winter; there were just entirely too many other things happening to bother with training small children to shuffle-step without breaking an ankle in front of a hundred of their closest friends and relatives.

It was, however, prime Nutcracker season. It was a tradition that had been started long before she'd started taking dance lessons at the studio she now owned. People expected it, and if Zoey failed to have something perfect, she would be hearing about it until at least the next ballroom competition she sponsored.

Too bad she'd managed to leave shopping for new props and replacement costume pieces until a week before their first show.

It wasn't entirely her fault. For all her gusto, Zoey had been a but leery of going out after all the Burning Man attacks. There were things going on that she didn't want to accidentally get mixed up in.

But that ended now. She'd be damned if she let some psycho dictate what she was doing with her time. Except for how she had and now she was running around with too many bags in the Muggle part of London and looking for somewhere to hole up unnoticed long enough to apparate home. She thought she'd found just the spot when she turned a corner too sharply and caught the edge of a fabric roll on a building. Which promptly yanked half her recent purchases from her hands and onto the ground near an ever so convenient puddle.

Some girls had all the luck.

"Dammit to hell."

Nov. 20th, 2013


That's put a tragic damper on things.

Burlesque Night

Even though the studio name was curtesy and obnoxious, Zoey was proud of what she had turned the inside into. Being able to command a lot of extensive charms work definitely helped in cases like this.

The inside of her generally quaint studio was less barren and ballet like than usual. She'd left the wall to wall mirrors in place, but affixed a long bar with stools in front of it, shelves housing all manner of liquor she could get her hands on lining the shelves she had called in favors to have charmed into floating behind it.

Tables filled much of the remaining space, high tops with backed stools and dark tablecloths in complimentary colors. Candles formed center pieces, giving light to small groups as well as the ring of lounge chair taking up a corner that usually held cubby holes for miscellaneous dancers' possessions.

The high point, though, was the stage. It was huge, stretching back beyond where a non charmed building would end with a staircase and curtains positioned at the back, blocking the DJ stand from view. Any performance anyone wanted to pull off would have beyond enough space for it, considering it was specifically designed for the numbers she had arranged with her older ballroom students to have a little risqué fun.

Zoey turned to fluff her hair a bit, keeping her diva-vamp look in place, and grinned at herself in the mirror wall. If this dancing thing didn't pan out, maybe she'd open a bar.

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Twinkle Charms Dance Studio Presents...

Annual Burlesque Night
Saturday Night Only

Come early, come late. Come sober, come pissed. Perform, watch.

But bring enough singles to tip your dancers. All proceeds go to fund Twinkle Charms competition season arrangements, costuming, and travel expenses. Cash bar available.


Zoey hadn't being underage because it meant she couldn't just fix things when something broke. It would make this whole summer dance instructor thing a lot easier. She'd been helping out with a class when the new kid tried to spin her in the most improper way possible. It had snapped the heel off her shoe and sent her sprawling so that the strap of her dress had ripped; she'd have been embarrassed if she hadn't been absolutely livid.

She needed a new practice dress, if not new shoes, even though she didn't really have that kind of money to throw around. Either way, the task brought her to Muggle London, which was almost as annoying as not being allowed to use a basic, tiny, harmless little spell outside of school. Actually, it was probably more annoying because she always got turned around in cities. She was standing on a corner, trying to remember which direction would take her to the Leaky Cauldron so she could get out of the weirdly complicated Muggle area. It really couldn't have been very far from here...


Jun. 23rd, 2011

Thank Merlin it's over. Except now I'm tasked with making sure I have all my misc. junk. I live in one room. ONE ROOM. How do so many things go missing? It's not like I'm putting things out on loan I don't like any of you enough to do that.

I'm thinking I'll blame the dormmates. Bell has to be good for something.


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Jan. 24th, 2011

Changed my mind. No longer want to be pre-law. There's too much history involved.

Also, Muggle Studies should be EASY for me, should be a joke, but I'm pretty sure the instructors have never spent a minute with a Muggle in their lives and are making this hard just to spite me.

I'm just going to dance for the rest of my life and marry someone rich so I don't live in a one room shack.

Yeah, I like this plan. Riley, find me someone with money to fund my life of nonsense, you're the one with all the connections.